The Complete List of Digital Nomad Visas (updated)

Residency & Visas| Views: 845

updated October 21, 2020 A Digital Nomad Visa gives you a more official presence in your host country, allowing you to stay beyond the usual 3-4 month duration of a tourist...

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Making Money in my (son’s) sleep

Money| Views: 557

You don’t have to be a parent to understand the value to a person’s health and sanity of their child sleeping through the night. You also don’t need to be a parent to know...

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Advertising doesn’t have to be evil

Wayward Soul| Views: 511

Originally published on Medium – it’s something of a departure for this site, but I thought it was worth sharing. Yet today it is. Hyper-targeted ads have become an...

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Bermuda launches a digital nomad visa

Residency & Visas| Views: 616

The beautiful island nation of Bermuda has launched a digital nomad visa, called the Work from Bermuda Certificate. This adds yet another beautiful location to the growing list of...

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5 powerful Google Analytics alternatives with a free option

Tools & Tech| Views: 584

If you’re looking to track usage on your site or app, but are starting to feel uneasy with letting Google see everything under the hood, fear not! There are a number of high...

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Estonia Launching the Digital Nomad Visa

Residency & Visas| Views: 685

Continuing down its path as one of the world’s most innovative governments, Estonia is launching one of the first ever Digital Nomad Visas, allowing location independent...

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We’re Under Attack, and your site might be too

Privacy & Security, Tools & Tech| Views: 942

Our humble website is under nearly constant attack by hackers. Now, as much as I’d love to believe it’s because because we’re important and influential tastemakers, sadly...

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The Guide to Foreign-Earned Income Exclusion—Part 1: How to Not Pay Taxes (Without Going to Prison)

Money, Work| Views: 2489

Editor’s Note: This article only applies to United States citizens, and we are not—nor do we pretend to be—certified tax professionals. Nothing you read in this article...

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What to consider when deciding where to incorporate your business

Money, Work| Views: 2569

I’ve spent the past twelve years learning as much as possible about the offshore world. You see, I started my venture into offshore business much like everyone else – I gently...

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Transferwise, My real world experience

Money, Tools & Tech| Views: 2761

This was originally posted on Reddit by Brian Burton. It is reposted here with permission.  A few months ago I asked in a previous thread about the best way to save...

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