Advertising doesn’t have to be evil

Read full article on UX Collective Yet today it is. Hyper-targeted ads have become an eye-poppingly lucrative business. Unbeknownst to most users, companies suck up our personal data from a growing and often surprising list of sources in order to better target ads in the hopes they can coerce us into buying something. It’s manipulative. It removes […]

The competing use cases of Enterprise UX

Enterprise UX can be difficult because your customers are often different than your users. You are effectively selling a machine, aka your product. The customers have a need for the output of this machine. They are buying a better/faster/cheaper way to get that output, but will not be using this machine themselves. The end users […]

For cryptocurrency to live, the wallet address must die

Behold three actual, real-life cryptocurrency wallet addresses: EeNpwvEedJeHjBNFk5xPqYGViS6M4iqbey LQ1Xx6Phn2i3iFhhzb8o9ifD3AyXkAJPnw SWx6vLKMD9SSynZ8DAzoutZEVux1K4p7eE Now, having looked at these for a minute; tell me literally anything about them. Do you know what currency these are for? Or what blockchain? Who they belong to? In today’s cryptocurrency landscape, when sending assets to another wallet—be it a person or a business—there […]

Quick Tip – Build a mini citywide wifi network

This tip has saved my ass more than once. If you are traveling with a smartphone, get the wifi password everywhere you go and connect your smartphone to the network, even if you aren’t using it at that moment. Later, when you run of out credit on your phone or don’t want to use expensive […]

What I Want in a Co-Working Space

As a digital nomad, no matter where in the world I am, I need a real place to work. While the location independent lifestyle enables us to be free of geography, working on a computer all day still provides a number of constraints if we need to have a productive workday. Balancing a laptop in […]

Making Money in my (son’s) sleep

You don’t have to be a parent to understand the value to a person’s health and sanity of their child sleeping through the night. You also don’t need to be a parent to know what a struggle it can be, especially when they are young. It’s important to stack the deck in your favor wherever […]